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2023 Workshops

A series of photographic workshops for 2023

Photographic Hides

We have access to several hides on private farmland in Cheshire, each offering opportunities to photograph woodland and garden birds.  Two of the feeding stations are operated all year round and have reflection pools situated in front of them.   Half and full days are available.   Basic toilet facilities are available.  Charges start at £30 per photographer for a half day.  

Photograph workshops, were will I assist you to get the photos you want start at £50 per half day and are offered on a one-to-one basis.  Hot drinks are available.

Photographic Studio and Macro Photography

We offer studio facilities for small mammals and invertebrates (especially moths)


For our Macro Photography workshops, we operate moth traps the previous evening and have the catch ready for you to photograph.  These workshops commence in May.

Small Mammal Sessions can be combined with the Photographic Hide Sessions.

Basic toilet facilities are available. Charges start at £30 per photographer for a half day.

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