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Talks and Lectures Offered

Our talks and lectures include images captured on our travels.

Talks and Lectures

We are offer a variety of talks and lectures for groups and societies.  Visit the Gallery to a sample of images from our talks.

All talks can be delivered via Zoom if required - I have a paid for zoom account, so there is no need to limit a talk to 45 minutes.

Common_Dolphin_Cetlic Sea_2023-09-12_00011.jpg


Paul and Julia are now part of a team of guest speakers on Fred Olsen cruises. This talk covers some of the seabirds, cetaceans and other sea-mammals seen on their trips.  

New for 2024



Paul has used flash for a variety of subjects.  In this talk he shows how he has used flash at night for nocturnal mammals and birds, flash for macro-photography and more recently in a unique way with Rear Curtain Flash to capture movement.

New for 2024

Golden_Jackal_Ultima Fronteira_2024-05-12_00005.jpg


Ulitma Frontiera - Ultimate Photography

In May 2024 Paul and Julia spent a week photographing the wildlife on the Danube Delta in Romania.  Golden Jackal, Bee-eater, Roller, Hoopoe,  Red-footed Falcon and Collared Pratincole are amongst the many species photographed.

New for 2024


This talk is a calendar of the previous year's exploits, with highlights from each month.   This talk is also an ideal introduction to the other talks available.



Flying  into San Francisco in June 2016, Paul and Julia soon left the streets behind, heading over the Golden Gate bridge for a few days before heading south to Monterey for cetaceans, then on to Yosemite and back to San Francisco.  Bears, whales and dolphins complemented the birds seen and photographed.



Paul and Julia visited Gambia in January 2017 and 2018, and again in December 2022.  Share their experience as they venture up river and back to the Atlantic coast.


Tarifa in Andalucia is famous for the numbers of birds that pass through on their way to North Africa each Autumn and then again in Spring on their northwards migration. We have made trips to Tarifa in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


In May 2019, Paul visited Finland, close to the border with Russia, where he spent five days photographing Brown Bears, Wolverines and other wildlife in Taiga.  He has since returned four times.



This talk explores the world of invertebrates and plants as seen through the macro lens and is updated with new images each year.


Fees for talks start at £50 (for venues within 25 miles of Holmes Chapel (our base)) plus expenses for mileage and overnight accommodation if required.   We can also offer a zoom alternative for a fixed fee of £50 per talk.  Talks usually last for around 90 minutes and can allow for a break in the middle for refreshments.  Click on the Book Now for further information,  including availability.
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