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Rear Curtain Flash

The default setting on most cameras is for the flash to fire when the front curtain opens and freeze the action. However there are times when changing this for the flash to fire with the rear curtain can produce some interesting results. For the best results I use slow shutter speed (around 1/10th Sec) combined with off-camera flash and an aperture of between f11 and f22. I adjusted the ISO to get the exposure I wanted - a dark background is necessary to get the effect I achieved and four off-camera flashes, two pointing up and two pointing down. A short lens (I used the 70-200mm f/2.8 on the 5D MKIV) is ideal, with most images taken at lower end of the zoom.

All the images below (and those on my flickr site were taken at Tom Robinson's amazing hides in Lincolnshire.

House Sparrow: f/22; 1/10 sec; ISO 100

House Sparrow: f/18; 1/18 sec; ISO 100

House Sparrow: f/22; 1/2 sec; ISO 100

Greenfinch: f/18 1/8 Sec; ISO 400

Greenfinch: f/18 1/8 Sec; ISO 400

Great Tit: f/16; 1/10 Sec; ISO 100

Great Tit: f/11; 1/10 Sec; ISO 100

Blue Tit: f/18; 1/10 Sec; ISO 400

Blue Tit: f/14; 1/10 Sec; ISO 200

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