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Welsh Waxwings

Upon returning from South Africa, I wasn't sure whether I'd be inspired by bird photography in the UK - dull light, cloud etc etc. However the continuing presence of a significant flock of Waxwings near Pentre Halkyn proved irresistable. Dropping Julia off in Deeside for work, I carried on to Pentre Halkyn on Friday (on Tuesday I came away with distant views of the Waxwings) arriving around 08:45. Parking up in a layby near where the Waxwings had been the previous day, I started my search. Over an hour later and having covered the area around Pentre Halkyn and towards the two quarries (plenty of hawthorn bushes and berries) I returned to the car without sight or sound of any Waxwings. BUT there perched above the car was a single Waxwing which alighted on the apples put out for the Waxwings. Well was better than none and it was soon joined by two or three more. Eventually a further 20 ish Waxwings arrived and fed on berries on an adjacent tree, but were soon flushed by a passing lorry. Satisfied I left for lunch, but returned later to find the Waxwings still feeding, but by now their numbers had built to around 60. Finally a great day and UK Bird Photography continues :)

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